Leadership’s First Priority: Provide FOCUS

Leadership Focus

How focused are you as a leader? Do you find yourself being pulled in a myriad of different directions? Your primary role as a leader is to provide FOCUS. Without it, your organization or team will become confused, fragmented and frustrated.

But how do you create focus? And what specifically do we mean by focus?

Whether you are leading an organization, business unit, department or team, the following definition applies equally well:

Focus: An END result that is clear, compelling and a stretch to achieve.

Your focus should not describe or even suggest the MEANS for achieving it. You should leave that to those who report to you. Here are some excellent examples of clear, compelling focus statements (some are actually Mission Statements):

Disney: We Make People Happy

FedEx: Overnight Parcel Delivery (and now: The World on Time)

GE: Be the #1 OR #2

J. F. Kennedy: A Man on the Moon by the End of the Decade

Komatsu: Circle C (The “C” refers to Caterpillar, their biggest competitor)

Habitat for Humanity: Simple, Decent, Affordable Homes

Wal-Mart: We save people money so they can live better

None of these statements describe HOW they achieve their END. By leaving out the HOW, these leaders provide opportunities for others to step up to the challenge and create solutions.

What’s your focus?

Our focus is “We Facilitate Meetings…of Minds®


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