Leadership versus Management

When you become a leader, you take on a great responsibility: you promise to change the world for the better. Explore these leadership competencies and discover the difference between leading and managing.

Leadership versus Management – they both have many facets, but the ones that distinguish leadership from management are clear:

  1. You have a clear and compelling vision
  2. You are true to who you are
  3. You have the courage to pursue your vision
  4. You are a keen listener, and embrace collaboration as a means to achieving the vision
  5. You make strategic decisions in a timely manner…you don’t procrastinate

How do you fare on these facets? Here is a MINI-QUIZ you can use:

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5, with five being completely agree and one being completely disagree. The higher your score the better you are at these facets!

  1. FOCUS: I have a clear and compelling vision that states an END result, and does NOT describe how it will be achieved
  2. AUTHENTICITY: I have a high degree of self-awareness, understanding both my strengths and limitations
  3. COURAGE: I possess the courage and determination to identify and take action on those changes, both personal and organizational, that will propel us forward towards the vision
  4. EMPATHY: I am a keen listener, and respect others’ points of view, especially as they relate to the changes identified at 3 above
  5. TIMING: I make strategic decisions and take action in a timely manner…I don’t get caught up in endless dialogue about change

That’s it! Let us know how you fare!

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