Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadershipWhat is Transformational Leadership?

In my own experience and research, I have discovered that leaders nowadays are torn between boldly stating their vision or waiting for one to percolate to the top in a collaborative milieu of dialogue and debate. Not easy.

When one looks at history, a certain style of transformational leadership becomes evident. While some might want to brand it “hero” leadership, the fact is this style of leadership still exists and above all it works. Think Jobs, Branston, Welch et al. And yes, some of them are also collaborative in their style, but not when it comes to their vision (the WHAT and WHY), only when it pertains to the means to achieve the vision (WHO, HOW, WHERE and WHEN).

Transformational Leadership: Six Key Questions

So if you want to pursue transformational leadership, start by asking these questions:

  1. WHAT do I want to achieve over the long term (Transformative Vision)?
  2. WHY do I want to achieve this transformation (Purpose)?
  3. WHO do I need to have with me (People)?
  4. HOW will we achieve the transformation (Process)
  5. WHERE will we achieve it (Place)?
  6. WHEN will we achieve it (Timeframe)?

Asking these questions will get you started. And one other thing…if the transformative vision doesn’t get you excited, you probably won’t be able to muster the grit to see it through over the long haul…so make it exciting!

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