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We Facilitate Meetings…of Minds®

Affinity Consulting and Training is based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our facilitators provide strategy consulting and team-building services and will help you and your team identify opportunities and threats within your business environment, and also identify the strengths and weaknesses within your organization. Armed with this information, you can then develop a robust strategy and the tools to implement it successfully.

We provide facilitation services to support Visioning and Strategic Management Retreats, and senior and mid-level management alignment, team-building and strategy execution.

Strategic Management Retreats

Scenario Planning

We are living in a volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous world. Scenario Planning will provide your Board and Management with the processes and insights to navigate uncertain, yet important scenarios that conventional planning simply cannot handle. You will end up with an aligned Board and Management, who together will be equipped to handle your future reality.

Strategic Planning

Your management team’s day to day activities will often get in the way of viewing the longer term direction of the organization. You need to take time out to discuss, reflect and decide on the strategic direction of your organization. With a clear vision and direction, you can then make day to day decisions that support that direction, identify and eliminate barriers to success, and help you move forward with increased energy and confidence.

Senior and Mid-Level Cross-Functional Alignment, Team-building and Strategy Execution

Lack of cross-functional collaboration at the tactical level can derail your higher level strategic goals. When it comes to cross-functional alignment, collaboration and teamwork, Senior and Mid-level teams need to act as excellent role models for the other teams in your organization. If collaboration at the tactical level is less than desired, you need look no further than your own senior and mid-level cross-functional management teams. Are your management teams amplifying the message of cross-functional collaboration by what they do, not just what they say?

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