Collaborative Skills for Teams


Collaborative Skills for Teams is a dynamic workshop aimed at building collaboration and minimizing competition between team members and between teams.

More than likely, we’ve all had to work with people who were quite different than us. Sometimes it’s frustrating. But have you ever worked on a team where…

  • People have learned to embrace their differences?
  • Conflict and miscommunication are reduced?
  • Meetings have a purpose and time is managed efficiently?

The goal of this program is to reconcile the inherent differences of team members to help you create an engaged, collaborative team.

Workshop Objectives

In this workshop participants will:

  • Discover differing priorities among team members
  • Explore causes of miscommunication and conflict
  • Understand how we manage time, meetings and projects
  • Create an action plan for better collaboration


Full-day, onsite or offsite. Typically 8:30 – 4:30 with two fifteen minute breaks and one hour for lunch.

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