How to Keep Your Momentum Flowing

Maintaining momentum towards one’s goals is not easy. There are so many things that can distract us. Here are five tips on how you can overcome those distractions…

The phone rings. What do you do? For most of us, the answer is to pick up the receiver and respond to the caller in a helpful, efficient manner, especially if they are a client. Nothing wrong with that…after all, if they took the time to call you, then you should reciprocate.

But what of the other interruptions? When the email notification “dings” on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone while you are in the middle of doing something important? If it’s called a Smartphone, why aren’t we very smart about responding to it’s demands?

TIP #1: Do the smart thing and turn off or ignore the alerts on your PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

TIP #2: Schedule your “check-ins” on your PC/Tablet/Smartphone for once every ninety minutes. If you need to check more often for a message from a VIP, then set up a folder on your email client where emails from that VIP are automatically filed when received, and set up unique audio tones on your smartphone for them too.

TIP #3: Turn off your browser and email client, and above all don’t be tempted to click on links in emails (including this one!) unless you REALLY need to go there!

TIP #4: Keep your Annual, Quarterly, Weekly and Daily goals in full sight…and that’s NOT on your PC/Tablet screen, as they can get obscured by a myriad of other things! Print it off and pin it to the wall in front of you!

TIP #5: Tell others what your priorities are…don’t let them rope you in to doing things that do not support your vision, goals or focus. Be unrelenting on this.

You probably have some other strategies for staying focused on your most important goals. Share them by commenting below…but only when you have some spare time 🙂

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