Are You Confused Yet?

Most managers I know, when pressed, will admit to some level of confusion. Some are very confused. By confusion, I mean that they are continually being challenged to commit strongly to their organizations strategic, long range direction…which in many cases is vaguely stated and constantly shifting, while delivering results today. It’s enough that they have to deliver results today, but then they are expected to look forward into a hazy at best future and take constructive action towards making that future bright and positive…well, it’s all just too much. Many are feeling stressed and approaching burnout.

Then there are a few gritty individuals who don’t feel that way. They have mastered how they spend not just their time, but their energy. In particular, they have mastered the combined art of clarifying, prioritizing, delegating, simplifying and reviewing. That’s where they put their energies. They don’t try to be perfectionists. They don’t try to do it all. They just aim to be successful.

Clarify, prioritize, delegate, simplify, review. And trust others to do the same. End the confusion.

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